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Book Overview #1 Workbook: The Art of Coaching High School Tennis

I'm back from some days of serious fatigue, as my court time is maxed out, and I helped my daughter move from Santa Barbara to San Diego. It's so much fun to drive a 15' U-Haul Truck along Hwy 101 through Los Angeles. After a few near death experiences, and recovering for a week, I'm back! Once a week or so, I'm going to start highlighting a book that I have written. If you have this book, would you be so kind as to review it? Amazon reviews unfortunately allow for people to give a low rating with no qualitative feedback, or to review the first edition and have it appear on the latest edition where all of those problems have been fixed. Now that the belly aching is over on to the first book. The Workbook For The Art Of Coaching High School Tennis

Who: Coaches who coach high school tennis, or who have large programs that feature or want to feature a 'team' aspect. What: A workbook book that corresponds with the book The Art of Coaching High School Tennis. I tried to line up the chapters. There is some content to prompt you along, but also a lot of space for you to work out your thoughts, learn the lessons from your season, and plan for future seasons to take it up a notch.

Where: You can get it on Amazon, or order on my website and I will sign it along with sending some surprises along.

Why: You want to get 1% better all the time, and you can actually accelerate your rate of improvement as a coach with some time of reflection. For a team coach this workbook is actually more powerful than the original book, because you will create an action plan. Lately I have been reading and re-reading Atomic Habits, and a chapter I just read today was on acting. One example given was a photography professor who assigned work to one group where each person would try to create ONE great image, they would be graded on the excellence of that ONE image. The other group was graded on the VOLUME of their work. So people who took many pictures and experimented in many different ways got better grades. The surprising result was that the people who did more, also did better, because they had more practice, more success and failure, more experience to use to get better. The people who only theorized, thought and dreamed creative mediocre results. So the workbook helps you gain the most from your experiences to take those lessons forward to create a better season next time.


SpecTennis - A Much More Tennis Like Alternative to Pickleball Played On Tennis or Pickleball Courts


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* Top 5 Strategies and Tactics for Winning Tennis

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