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Visual Training for Tennis: The Master Guide To Tips, Tricks, Skills and Drills for Best Vision Of The Ball

Go beyond "Watch the Ball", using pro Visual Skills, Tips and Tricks to master the visual game.

The Athlete Centered Coach: 107 Reasons It's All About Them

The purpose of this book is to solve this problem by degrees, to increasingly empower coaches and sport stakeholders to change the worldwide culture of sport. The aim is to make a major contribution to the literature of athlete centered coaching, and promote the idea until it is the norm.


The Art of Coaching High School Tennis
Tips, Tricks, Skills and Drills for a Magical Season

Are you a new coach and want to get off to the best possible start coaching your team? Are you a coach pressed into service by the school? Have you been coaching tennis, but your team is stuck in a rut? Are you looking for expert coaching to take your team to the next level? You are in the right place.

Top 5 Strategies and Tactics for Winning Tennis
Move Away from Confusion, Embrace Your Style, and Win those Matches Your Previously Lost

Do you sometimes feel like you are playing the wrong game for you? Do you switch strategies often in a match? Or you are just trying to keep the ball in? This book solves that problem, and helps you to know the five best ways to win

Play Sports Right: Your Way!

You know the anguish kids feel when their sporting experience has been taken over by pushy parents, and over the top coaches. This book solves that problem by educating and empowering kids to take charge of their sporting lives. This book is a personal conversation between the author, the young sportsperson and their parents. Every effort is made to engage the minds of young readers and cause them to question the value and direction of their sporting passion. 



Getting Your Players to the Net: Revolutionize Your Coaching to Set Your Players Free!

You know the frustration of working with players, boosting their net skills, and then they still dont come to the net?  28 year veteran coach Bill Patton knew that same frustration and came up with a system where in 5-7 sessions, the vast majority of players will become comfortable, and even very confident at the net.  Coaches who take this course will be transformed with a system, a strategy that they can make their own. This system of progression/regression will help you boost player's confidence so that it will stick! You will be expected to learn the factors that inhibit players from learning how to come to the net with confidence.  Some of those factors come from coaching that missed the mark just enough to be ineffective, while other factors are fairly universal among players.  Those learning this format will not only gain a template for how to create realistic progressions and regressions for students, but also some tips, tricks and sticky issues to avoid and embrace. When players are able to take ownership of their own decision making, they are far more empowered to play creatively, mindfully and play their best game.  Each challenge (drill) is one small step more difficult and realistic, and some are not realistic at all to create an overtraining effect, that makes playing a real match easier than the practice environment.  Feel free to contact Bill with follow up questions or clarifications, and also be bold, make this your own.  You may purchase the study guide on Amazon for only $0.99, which is he minimum price allowed, Getting Your Players to the Net.  Bill wil be presenting "Get Better at the Net Today!" in Los Angeles on October 1st as part of The Tennis Summit.  Other Speakers include the Coaches of Sam Querrey and Steve Johnson, as well as Styrling Strother co-founder of USATennisCoach.

Discover Your Ideal Two Handed Backhand Style: Revolutionize The Way the Two Hander is Taught

Many players have suffered by having been taught in a cookie cutter style, where a coach teaches only one style, and if the players can learn it, great, but if not, then they have a problem.  Thanks to the work of John Yandell who identified these four styles, that are now within the parameters of the USTA Player Development department, I began to study how to teach these. More importantly, you will see that this is an athlete centered approach, and each player decided which style they thought best. The data shows that they chose wisely, as each player had a magic moment where they really connected with a ball. 

It was exciting to make this course, as each player that is shown had no previous experience with me on court.  Thats very important, because it would be easy to fool you by using players that I had worked with for many years.  Amazingly, we were quite fortunate to capture each of the magic moments on film, so that you could see the manefestation of each player delivering from their ideal style.  Off camera there was some hooting and hollering as people stop and stay WOW, when each player showed how effitient their ideal style worked for them.

Whether you are a player, coach or parent, this video can revolutionize your understanding about how players differ, and why you should not often try to model your game after someone who has different laterality, spin preference and the like.  The course is meant to be interactive, and you can send me an email question about any video. Also, you get a 20 minute one on one talk on an appointment basis with this course.

Win the College Recruiting Game to Play at the College of Your Dreams
A Master Recruiter Teaches the non 5 Star Athlete How to Thrive

Tennis has one of the highest rates of transfer in college sports. What an ordeal that could be to go to play for a school where it's not a great fit. Avoid the pain of bad fit, we have solutions here in the form of great guidence.  Let Dave Borelli, teach you the ins and outs, the tips and tricks for finding the best possible school for what you hope to achieve.  Whether the academics or the athletics are more important to you, this course has what you want.

Here are the benefits of this course:

* Lifetime Ownership

* It plays on any device.

* You can share it with staff and players

* As the course grows and changes, you are there.

* You can give more players access to college tennis, feeding the dream

* Motivation in your program may increase dramatically

When you sign up for this course by 1/22/2017  email us, to get coupon codes for all of our courses.  

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