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Perform Better by Getting Out of the Way of Your BRAIN

Get the edge you want from training your brain at 
Patton School of Tennis!
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What are the fundamentals for using your on-board super computer
(your brain) for high performance?



Sports neuroscientist

Bill is a senior contributor to SportEdTV, the number one sports education website in the world, and Serve It Up Tennis Magazine an online junior tennis publication.
Bill has written 12 books, most notably Visual Training For Tennis, The Athlete Centered Coach, and The Art of Coaching High School Tennis

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Bill knows TENNIS! I know Bill through our professional connection with USPTA and USTA and Bill exemplifies what a tennis professional should be! No better instructor in NorCal can be found

Hans R, Monterey, California

The most complete and well rounded coach...

I attended the top three most popular tennis academies in California, but I would say that Coach Patton is the most complete and well rounded coach. Some might teach a better serve or forehand, but he can do it all, especially the mental and strategic game.

Brandon N

Energetic, Enthusiastic and Passionate about Tennis...

Last year I was looking for a new sport to help me get and stay fit, and have some fun in the process. Then I met Bill Patton. The man is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about his tennis! I started taking lessons with my 6-year old daughter in February 2008. It's now May 2009 and I'm hooked on this fabulous sport! So is my daughter. Excited to play some tennis with Coach Bill. He is soooo good with the kids. As for me, well I've done many sports in my lifetime, and Bill is the best coach I've ever had. Armed with a great sense of humor and an abundance of tennis knowledge, he makes me want to try my hardest to improve. I learn something from each lesson. And have a fantastic time in the process.

Kate C, Castro Valley, California

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