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Brain Candy 10 Stop And Pop?

When I was younger and a bit misguided, I bought into a damaging lie. That lie is ‘Food today is not as nutritious as it used to be’. Every good lie has an element of truth to it, but while some data may suggest that nutritional value of some foods vary by region, and over time, eating better, cleaner and whole foods is still much better than supplemenation, and there are actually dangers found in supplements. Some supplements can be illegal for some athletes, and perfectly legal for others. Some drugs are legal in some countries, illegal in others, and accepted or not by a sport’s governing body.

My error, and it’s going to seem strange, is that I thought I could eat a poor diet and make up for it with supplements. Also, I had a bit of an obsessive compulsive way of taking things with the idea that if some was good, then more is better. I have no data to support it, but I believe that I temporarily messed up my blood chemistry, especially with too many minerals and not the correct balance of them.

Why am I writing this? Today, I was reading one of my cutting edge sources of information, and it was recommending a particular ‘sleep cocktail’ of supplements. Later today, I am going to go to my favorite health food store to discuss. My friends there are extremely knowledgeable, and I count on them to give me great information. I will report back!

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