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Brain Candy 11 Vibe With The Best

Tennis Innovation Week started today. It's an amazing opportunity to work on your brain. It's been said that you become like the five people with which you spend the most time. TBD through the TennisOne app, has created amazing access to many of the brightest minds in the sport. Come, vibe with the greats. I'm listening while I'm writing.

Be an innovator, get empowered to grow the sport you love by opening your mind to the leadership, people, technical and strategic skills to help you, your parent or players to go to the next level.

My presentation will be on Brain Performance tomorrow. I will give you a secret. That video will become part of my new course offerings. You can watch the entire conference for $40, and do it at your leisure over the next 30 days. I'm binge listening for a massive mindset shift. I'm taking notes about what makes sense from a brain perspective.

Many hall of fame coaches are speaking. Every single speaker has accomplished great things in their area of expertise. It's going to challenge you, and move you forward. There are already 1,500 people who have signed up for the event. In future days I will be reporting back on some of the talks, but it will be far better for you to gain this vital information for yourself.

It's not too late to get all of it at: Then download the TennisOne app, and you will be on your way.

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