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Brain Candy 12 Mind Entry Points - Brain Waves

Today I was watching a video about how there are two times in our day when we have a window to our subconscious. I'm still trying to process this. Brain waves will be an area of study, as I continue to write my new book, but let's just ponder a moment. Dr. Bruce Lipton says we go into Theta waves, which are where hypnotic suggestion lies. As we are waking, then as we are about to sleep we have moments of suggestibility where we can reprogram our minds more easily. Those are the times to think on what you want to become. Dream your dreams. In waking conscious thought, the things your repetitively think and say often spring from your subconscious. Train yourself to think better and be more empowering of yourself and others. Learn to identify damaging thoughts. The bible has much to say about thought life. King David wanted to think about God morning and night, meditating, maybe he understood Theta waves! Solomon, his son, said "As a man thinks, so he is". There are many more examples, but Dr. Lipton would say that during conscious hours, it's the repetition and habitual actions that make a difference, like reading daily, being mindful of what you do moment to moment. Yesterday, I was listening to Bill Burgos, head trainer for an NBA team, and he said what I've heard over and over from many great coaches. Listening is the key. When you listen, hear what springs from the subconscious.

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