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Brain Candy 15 Intro Video Script

Your brain is an amazing super computer, but there are quite a few things people do to abuse their ability to perform. We will break them down together, giving you strategies for success. We begin our journey together with how the way we treat our bodies affects the Brain's ability to perform. When we put our brain first everything else follows. We must take great care of physical plant of our brains. Are we helping or hurting our performance? How do we recover? How do we fuel our brain? What kinds of thoughts do we allow into our minds? Avoid getting overwhelmed with too much information by choosing one thing at a time to discover and train. I'm Bill Patton, sports neuroscientist, senior contributor to, a speaker at Tennis Innovation Week, author of 12 books, blogger and YouTuber, and I'm here to help you learn lessons, that I have learned the hard way. Your brain will do so many positive things for you when you get out of the way of how it operates best. I've been studying for many years in the field, but recently massively ramped up my time on task, to bring you the best, most valid, relevant and applicable knowledge. It's all about putting into practice, that which is known about the role the brain plays in learning, performance and coaching. How can you and your players have breakthrough performances? how people learn to make breakthrough performances, and for over 30 years in my laboratory of the sports coaching arena, I have proved my techniques over and over. I help people think better, and actually think less. The way we shift into the ideal modality of operation in our minds, also has an amazing transformational impact on the brain. With all the recent interest in mental health, what I'm teaching can help you optimize your mental health or bring you back from the edge. Of course, this is no substitute for crisis intervention or professional help. I also share my struggles and triumphs. Somtimes it's not the model of perfection that helps, but the empathy of common struggles that are most powerful. one thing that I find is that many people have a lot of interference in their brain, and I help you to remove what slows you down, frustrates you and has you in the wrong head space, because I have been there and occasionally still am in that place. Now and then, readers complain about my story telling, but I can't help that. We will work together to help you establish new habits of thoughts, words and deeds so that you can unlock the power of the mind/body connection. Today I'm offering you a PDF that is going to give you the nutrients that you need in order to be able to have your healthiest brain, in addition you'll see on my website that there are many different educational opportunities, added daily, weekly and monthly to learn what interests you. You can have a well-rounded understanding of your sports brain. Every week there will be a few things to do or not do to enhance your execution on game day. I look forward to your comments, feedback and direction. I help you discover the hidden keys to performance and your approach to your game. right now put your email right there and I'm going to send you something for free download, and then there will be some one time offers that come, so take advantage of those opportunities because they will never come back again. Thank you for watching.


Bill Patton has been in the Sports Coaching Industry for over 30 years, and has mastered his craft. He currently works with CEOs of Start Ups, High Ranking Military Leaders, The Winning Summit, Tennis Innovation Week, and BrainSports.Coach a new site that delivers cutting edge brain research. Bill’s mission is to give you the competitive edge by delivering fundamental, non-conventional, counter-intuitive, nuanced skills to take your game, coaching, learning and parenting to a new level. The main objectives of this blog is to give the very latest, most ignored, and opposing views of conventional wisdom, so that you won’t have to make the mistakes Bill formerly made in using his own supercomputer. Much has been about becoming 1% better, and Coach Patton is dedicated to his own constant improvement and yours. Get a FREE 20 minute Sports Brain Consultation.

Bill is the author of 12 books, formerly a certified tennis teaching professional for over 25 years, before now settling on the title Sports Neuroscientist. He has a B.S. Industrial Psychology, and written a Masters Thesis in Education.

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