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Brain Candy 16 Stroke Awareness

I don't know much about having a stroke, and no one under 80 years old has ever had one in my family, but when they did, it was near the end of their days. One of my close friends, a man in his 60s had one over the weekend. I got the news yesterday, so I didn't blog. This event only renews and strengthens my resolve to bring more awareness to brain health. My friend now has an extended period of relearning things. The good news is that he caught it early and was helped immediately.

It was upsetting to get the news, as we are in regular contact, so I was disappointed that he and I will not be in much contact as he recovers, but let's get ourselves and those we care about to reduce their risk in this regard. You can look through other blog posts for brain health tips, sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and other preventative measures. So, make it personal, as something like a stroke or heart attack can come on suddenly with no warning. 9:00 AM is the most common time for heart attacks, after a bad night of sleep and a fatty meal. Those two things are the most common triggers. This leads me to question if they also trigger stroke, or if it's something else. Bottom line, they are stress related, and the body's inability to cope with it. As we get more engaged with great health, there is less fear.

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