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Brain Candy 18 Customized Information

As I'm meeting new people out and about, discussing practical brain science, I'm starting to see more clearly where the rubber meets the road. The depth and breadth of what I'm going to research is growing. Here are a few examples.

I'm visiting a friend in Minnesota. He took me to his amazing athletic club, where he engages with his local community, and we met a man who recently had a heart attack with full blockage, meaning that his brain went a few minutes without oxygen. His issues in recovery also include getting his brain back to full health. I pledged to do some research in this regard.

My friend, his wife and I also had a great discussion on sleep. My friend then shared with me an article that highlighted a study that too much sleep in seniors could be a problem. This points out the nuanced information in regard to sleep, brain health, high performance and longevity. The conclusion of that study in isolation was that people in their late 70s and older might not want to sleep longer than 6.5 hours.

Keep in mind as you follow this blog and read the book, there are no cookie cutter solutions. In general, older people don't need as much sleep as younger people. But in the developed world, there is a pervasive problem of lack of sleep.

Finally, one great thing about speaking in Alabama was that all the talks seemed to be interwoven with each other. I fly home today.


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