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Brain Candy 19 Magnesium Threonate

This is not medical or nutritional advice, use your best judgment. Over the last few weeks, I have been taking magnesium threonate, which some claim is the only form of magnesium that easily crosses cell barriers in the brain. After two weeks of taking it on 80% of days and only taking two of the three capsules recommended, I do believe that I'm sleeping even better. I had an 8 hour night. I'm recovering from having not slept great while on the road, but my road sleep was much better than it usually is. Even so, I'm getting over 7 hours now, most nights. Part of what seems to be helping with sleep is better relaxation in bed. I have many chronic injury issues in my neck, back, hips and pelvis. My pain is less, so I'm sleeping more. In recent years, my back pain has been so bad, I would have to take pain medication in order to sleep. That's not an ideal way to live. Anything we can do to replace medicine with nutrients the better. I have no data to support this next part, but I do think my experience goes beyond placebo. After a bad case of whiplash in 2010, my neck never really recovered. I had stiffness that could not be explained with an xray. Now, though, whatever was causing that seems eased. My belief is that magnesium is bonding with calcium deposits, carrying calcium away for use, and reducing the size of those deposits.

I don't receive any compensation from the below product, but might in the future.

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