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Brain Candy 21 Plasticity

People say they believe in science, but science doesn't believe in itself. The fundamental notion behind studying that which can be measured impirically is that there is always more to know and that today's truth is tomorrow's near miss, far off the mark or diametrically opposed idea. Brain plasticity is just one of those ideas. The father of plasticity had to fight modern conventional wisdom, then had his papers rejected, but finally with great fervor in the mid 2000s he had 15 to 20 studies running simultaneously. Finally the localizationists had to give way. I will never hold too tightly to what is currently known, but it has been brain plasticity that has been at the root of my coaching, but mostly as a manifestation that I believe in miracles from above. You've heard me say that I believe the brain is the greatest known creation on the planet. Not only is it the most complex machine on the planet, but it's ability to reprogram and change function by different parts is truly awe inspiring. This is part of why I don't accept the 10,000 hour rule, or the "muscle memory" people. Those are limiting notions. Quite often, I see dramatic improvement in my players, especially when they stop trying so hard to remember "What to do", but instead allow their brain plasticity to take over. Since the brain changes shape and function for the task at hand, people become the thing that they are doing. Get out of the way.

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