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Brain Candy 26 Motivated Dad, Resistant Kid

In the last few days I have had some

great emails from a very enthusiastic father whose family plays tennis. We have had some back and forth and he has now purchased my Visual Training For Tennis video course, along with the book. His main questions center around helping not only helping himself, but his wife and son who are "resistant to any kind of training", don't I know all about that. The fun thing for me is that my students get it from the moment they step in court, although I really start with brain stuff. The immediate effect of initial brain training mode is that players have more mental clarity and thus better vision. Harder than that is to take information which is new to you and immediately motivate others around you to follow. Later he and I are going to get on the phone. Hopefully he submits to an interview. If so, he has the opportunity to be very influential in the greater tennis community.

My first thoughts on this are that one must not force things on others. Instead, grow up, show up, before you blow up, or know the way, go the way, before showing the way. It's been 40 years since I read The Inner Game of Tennis, and 30 years since I met for a full weekend of training with one of the best brain friendly coaches ever. All the greats do something that is a brain best practice. Dad, you can too!

More on this later...

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Bill Patton has been in the Sports Coaching Industry for over 30 years, and has mastered his craft. He currently works with CEOs of Start Ups, High Ranking Military Leaders, The Winning Summit, Tennis Innovation Week, and BrainSports.Coach a new site that delivers cutting edge brain research. Bill’s mission is to give you the competitive edge by delivering fundamental, non-conventional, counter-intuitive, nuanced skills to take your game, coaching, learning and parenting to a new level. The main objectives of this blog is to give the very latest, most ignored, and opposing views of conventional wisdom, so that you won’t have to make the mistakes Bill formerly made in using his own supercomputer. Much has been about becoming 1% better, and Coach Patton is dedicated to his own constant improvement and yours. Get a FREE 20 minute Sports Brain Consultation.

Bill is the author of 12 books, formerly a certified tennis teaching professional for over 25 years, before now settling on the title Sports Neuroscientist. He has a B.S. Industrial Psychology, and written a Masters Thesis in Education.

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