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Brain Candy 28 Neck Excercise

I'm doing more research on neck exercises, because there is always more to know. As a result of various impact injuries I have had from various rambunctious behaviors, pick up football, and whiplash from having been rear ended in auto accidents twice, including one where incoming car did not slow down coming in at 45 mph, I have had serious neck problems for the last 20 years. I had given up that I would always have a stiff neck. But in the last year, I have been more disciplined and regular with my exercise. There are six exercises I do, but when trying to find the video that shows them, the top results were unfamiliar to me, so as always do your own research.

Here are my six exercises:

1. Turn head side to side ten times, attempting to get my chin over my shoulder.

2. Arch my head all the way back, until I can feel a stretch in my skin of the skin on the front of my neck, then curl my neck forward without collapsing my chest.

3. Craning my neck forward like as extreme smartphone neck position, then tucking my chin to my chest.

4. Doing half circular motions in an upward parabola with chin going up to left and right, down to chest in between.

5. Lengthen neck upwards, alternately raising each ear upward as high as possible.

These have aligned my cervical spine, reducing stress, allowing better signal transmission throughout my body.

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