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Brain Candy 36 Social Media

Social media is exactly that, a medium for interacting with society on a whole. There are many potentials that come from the use of social media, including the democratization of information, or also extreme censorship. It seems that brain plasticity is also a medium, and you can use it for good, or your own destruction and negatively affect those around you.

The Problem

Social media can be the cause of rapidly shifting attention. You and I move from one thing to the next, never really giving full attention, and during the time of using it browsing from one thing to the next, those shifts in focus lead to a training of being unfocused. So our plasticity is being trained to be rigid. Instead, when we become fully engrossed in a task, then our brains can develop greater abilities to engage fully in what we are doing.


1. When you use social media, put a time limit on it. Screen Time Limit Apps help with that.

2. If you are interested in a post, take time to truly appreciate it, engage it with a well thought out comment, and read all the comments. Get the full context.

3. Avoid answering immediately, until you have read the post, and the article, video or whatever content is there.

4. If a certain type of social media is addicting for you, move away from it.

I am currently on a one year plan to move almost completely away from Facebook. Watch me move, slowly…

Thank you to Styrling Strother, who bought me a coffee, I promptly took Ken Schuler out for coffee.


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