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Brain Candy 37 Social Capital

Our brains are wired for interaction, to belong, to be a part of community. We are built for touch, intimacy, friendship, to know and be known. Many of the destructive policies that have come out of the Covid Era, have run completely counter to what is known about brain health. In order to be healthy we need to be up and out, and in close contact. The cost of isolation will be felt for many years.

In the sports coaching arena, the best of the best are constantly collaborating. However, there are many who strive to try to be a lone wolf in the industry. I’m prefacing a few things that are about to happen.

I’m trading social capital with Styrling Strother, and I invite you to trade with me as well. What can I do for you? Styrling and I have an agreement to look at each others videos, ask questions make comments and share. Maybe you caught that on my Facebook.

If you are going to get the most from your own social capital, then when you are on social media find partners that you can interact with on a regular basis. Dig deep, go back and forth, but then get real, get on the phone. Talk, get to know one another.

The other thing that is about to happen, is that I am going to start reposting a blog that Styrling and I collaborated on a few years back. That content became The Athlete Centered Coach.


Coming Soon: The Complete Guide to Coaching Team Tennis Cours with David Smith.


Visual Training For Tennis 4th Edition

Blazepods are a Great Visual Training, Decision Making Tool

SwingVision - A Game Changer!

SpecTennis - A Much More Tennis Like Alternative to Pickleball Played On Tennis or Pickleball Courts

High School Tennis Coaches Group


Take the 30 day generosity challenge! For 30 days, tip everyone who gives you service, at the coffee shop, rideshare driver, hair cut, etc. You will be surprised at the good things coming your way! you can Venmo a couple bucks to @billpatton720

Bill Patton's Books

Bill Patton's Coach Tube Courses

I look forward to your comments, if you comment I will respond, but not looking to have a huge conversation!

Thank you for watching, it’s like a convention every day with no travel expenses or registration fees.

If you would like to book me as a Keynote, MC, or to give a presentation on:

* The Art of Coaching High School Tennis

* Visual Training for Tennis

* How to get Your Players to the Net

* Top 5 Strategies and Tactics for Winning Tennis

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