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Brain Candy 8 Inputs and Outputs

If we think of hydration and diet as the inputs to the physical nourishment of the physical plant of the brain, then what helps the mind/body connection? Which inputs help the brain shape and train the mind and which ones take it off track? Every coaching session, on court, in life, with CEOS, Lt. Cols, PR execs, moms, dads and kids, I help them work with better input. Subjective judgments are poor inputs, while objective observation gives much better data to process. Knowing where the ball is, where the answer is, is much more streamlined in the mental decision making process than thinking about "How do I do it?". All day every day people over think, rather than looking at what's needed, or asking the person who knows. About 20 years ago there was an advertisement on TV that showed a 5 year old with an ice cream sandwich. He went to the VCR (if you don't know what that is, ask your parents), and put the dessert into the movie slot, but that movie isn't going to play. When we assemble checklists of things to do on each stroke, that's bad input, there isn't time to think all of that stuff. Thinking on, "What did I do wrong?", takes your brain to the wrong place. Finding the ball, tracking it, lining up your strings with it works. Also, remember that one shot that felt so sweet, what it looked and felt that and that's stronger input!

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