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Brain Candy 27 Effectiveness Training, Longevity and The Cost

People are outliving their brains, and they don’t quite fully move into them, before they start moving out of them. Brain power peaks around 24 years old, and steady decline begins around 40. I’m now training my brain daily, at age 58, with the BrainHQ app, and every time I spend 5 minutes doing so, I can feel that my brain got a workout. The training is intense, but it’s not so bad that stops me from moving on to my next task. Effectiveness As a player, you have a lot to gain from training your brain to gain better and faster decision making skills, reaction time, and clarity. As a coach, your ability to more closely observe your players will help you immensely. Be proactive with your brain, and with your young players. The value added will help you to become a greater asset to the holistic development of your players. Longevity As you may be aware, I have the stated goal of living to 100 years old, Lord willing, while walking and talking. This means that I want to be speaking intelligibly, so that I can make the greatest possible contribution. Think about how many effective years you want, and how much of a burden you want to be in later life. Cost There is too large of a price to pay for not taking care of your brain. Also, those you love will pay a terrible cost in losing quality of life, memory, mobility and large medical bills.

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