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Daily Brain Candy 4: Credibility

Last night I had a great chat with John Eagleton of which is quickly becoming the clearinghouse for online sports education. He was very encouraging as we talked about my latest pursuits in Sports Neuroscience. We had a fun brainstorming talk, and he was very encouraging to and also helping me to gain new connections to get the word out to the people who can be helped. This year I was named a senior contributor on the site, and that was an amazing accomplishment for me. So I am grateful to those who get what I am doing and the work I do to try to bring practical usable information so that we all can get better at what we do. We all want to learn faster, perform better, live longer and healthier. In addition we want to influence others to do the same. As Steve Chandler says, “Money loves speed”. Do things faster, make more money.

In contrast, a guy I won’t name saw that I now use the title Sports Neuroscientist, and in true gatekeeper know-it-all fashion, he wanted me to know that I don’t deserve to call myself that, unless I submit to his standard of what qualifies a person to call them scientist. We all are scientists, we have theories, we test them out and they are proven true or false. When proven false, we try something else and when proven true, we build on it. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone.

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