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My Headspace #2 Reality v. Idealized Portrayal

I'm not complaining.

I actually have learned to go through some times of adversity, waiting, things breaking, and flowing to what works. I didn't finish the blog I had planned because there were so many loose ends to clean up today. People don't often share when things don't go well. They portray themselves as someone for whom everything is always peachy. It's not real. Today, you will know that I have many of the same struggles as you have daily in simply getting a few things done each day.

I'm reading and re-reading Atomic Habits, which I highly recommend to anyone.

A habit I have long wallowed in, was that if something went wrong with the thing at the top of my list, I would simply stop. I would use it as an excuse to do nothing. Instead, I'm writing this post. I'm writing because the thing I wanted to do can't be done because a program won't work because I left a file open on another computer, still another device is broken, some loud talkers came to sit in my workspace at the coffee shop. A check I am expecting has not come, so my budget for creating a new thing is disturbed. My #1 piece of court equipment broke, so later today, I have to clean out my garage, find and dust off some old equipment for lessons later in the afternoon.

I ordered some new equipment last week, hoping that it will be delivered by today, but nope, it's coming tomorrow, and probably after I will need to leave for tomorrow's lessons. The wifi at the coffee shop has been spotty, and my computer was acting weird like there was a phishing attempt. So, its been one of those weird days. You have those too. But now I get to relate how to take some adversity into content.

The social media world tells us we should post only our successes and the smiles along with kids holding trophies, while in reality it's getting through the tough day where everyone is off, that's when the magic really happens.

So, I am taking this day to build in some new habits. For instance, I used to write for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break where I walk around, drink water, use the restroom, do laundry, or some other rote task, but now I include three stretches into my 5 minute period. this has become necessary, because I got very stiff over the summer. As I get older I am seeing more and more how maintaining flexibility is a challenge, and so vital to how I move.

Anyway, many things have already gone wrong today, but I am still getting my secondary tasks done, and moving along with Tennis Strategy 201, and the goal is that it will be published by the end of August in time for the US Open.


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