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My Headspace #3 Atomic Habits

Lately I have been reading and re-reading Atomic Habits, which I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to get better at almost anything. One thing I have struggled with over the years is continuity of posting blogs and videos here on my website and on YouTube. Atomic Habits is helping with that. Today’s chapter was basically about how missing one time at doing a habit is an accident, and missing two is a new habit. I’m completely fine with missing one day of the blog or posting a video, but my goal is to not miss twice in a row. As of this writing, I am not sure if I have missed three or four days in a row on the blog. Even so, I see progress, because in previous failures, I would go weeks or months with nothing.

Fail Better

So, today I am writing a headspace piece, because I’m sure it’s highly relatable, especially in today’s highly bureaucratic, high tech, plastic and electronic money world. I bought a new laptop to replace the one that I broke the display of, having dropped it a few months back, and it finally gave up. BTW, I bought a 2014 Macbook Air 13" with 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of Storage for $134. That's all I need.

Lately, I am getting many new clients, and there has been a massive ramping up in planning and communication with those clients, and a 50% increase in court time, and while that was not enough to stop me from blogging, the next thing did. Suddenly and for no reason that anyone yet knows, my credit card was declined from reserving more courts in the city where I teach on public courts. This of course created a bit of a crisis in the short term. So, after contacting my bank, and trying again and again, reaching out to city workers, etc. It’s still not working. That’s when I hit a wall of fatigue.

This is where getting some really good sleep comes into the equation. One of those nights I got about 5 hours sleep, and that did not help. Subsequently, three nights over 7 hours of sleep, at my age that's plenty, have done wonders to get me back up and running, blogging again, ending the streak that I don’t want, and starting a new one. This is the most important thing. Starting a new one! James Clear says “Don’t break the chain.” Of course, if it is broken then starting the new one is key. The shorter the period of time in brokenness the more time in establishing best habits.

One habit that I am on a very lengthy streak on is getting up, weighing myself, having a low caffeine tea, as I replaced my coffee habit. I also read for 30 minutes every morning.

What is that habit that you want to start again? What is the one where you have spotty results? This is all good for your brain, because what fires together, wires together. Pick it back up again, and wire that new habit together, and it will replace the other habit over time. Your brain will change shape, function and circulation to accommodate the new habit. I will be back tomorrow with a new strategy post.


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