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My Headspace #4 Never Stop Exploring

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It’s very nice to have a five full day vacation (don't challenge my math), and I look forward to a time when I can get away for two full weeks. The times I have been able to that have given the maximum refreshment, and the real palpable excitement to get back to work.

I have the rare pleasure of vacationing with my wife Laurie and our adult children, including one fiancé. We have a motto that was adopted by my children and has become our unofficial family vacation motto. Yes, you guessed it: Never Stop Exploring.

I love to drive, and at this point in the trip I have already driven 700 miles, and will probably end the trip over the 1,100 mark. One thing I do that helps me to maximize the mental and emotional time for vacation is set countdown and count up timers. So, as Wednesday at 8pm approached, I was full of anticipation, and proclaimed at 8:01 PM, that I’m on vacation. At the moment of writing this I have been on vacation for 2 days, 14 hours, 13 minute and 27 seconds. Maybe that’s something that will help you to flip the switch. Can you relate to the idea that it takes a few days to finally say to yourself that you are done thinking about work for a while? I have heard it said that some people need four full days of vacation before they realize that they STILL don’t have to go work today, then they finally start to unwind. Which leaves 10 days of a two week vacation. That would be fatal to my current trip.

The other counter I have is for when I will be back on court. That comes in 3 days, 5 hours, 13 minutes 32 seconds. For the moment, it seems like an eternity.

First stop was Eugene, Oregon where we spent a night at an amazing bed and breakfast down the hill from where a pivotal scene in Animal House was filmed. You know that fine piece of cinematic art. After some time at the 5th Street Market, which is a former hippie commune art space, that gradually was normalized, then commercialized where I bought an old shirt at a second hand store, we got on our way for some Viking food, Danish and Norwegian style. There we were met with an amazing food experience, and great service for Laurie’s birthday, they gave us a free drink, opened early and everything was very good helpful and speedy, we left a big tip. I don’t usually like talk about such things, but we love to be able to give good tips, and when someone does particularly well, we like to leave a very generous tip, and that’s a way of paying things forward. We operate in a spirit of gratitude and generosity, which then also seems to find us unexpectedly moving forward.

We made it to Bend, and one thing you should know is that when you leave McKenzie River, that’s the last gas for another 80 miles, until you lose GPS, and get to Sisters, Oregon. So we had a little bit of a running out of gas scare, but made it to the station with about 10 miles to spare. A neat sign saying ‘last gas for 80 miles’ would have been nice.

We are settled into our AirBnB, which is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house and very comfortable, decorated and appointed. My adult children arrived from Portland late last night and of course were ready to party, so I had to put aside my normal sleep pattern for the sake of family harmony. I was the first to wake up, had my coffee and tea, cooked a delicious egg scramble with good brain foods, and now we are here blogging again. Today has a plan that has not yet been fully developed, and after these last few characters, I will be off flowing into the unknown, going wherever they want to go, because it’s my break from having to think, make plans or direct anything. It’s like Weekend At Bernie’s and I’m Bernie.

I’m doing a headspace piece on days when I don’t really make a suitable Tennis Post. Today, my chapter on creating shot combinations for the disruptive player was coming out a bit choppy, and I didn’t even fully agree with everything I was writing, so that will need a lot more work before it sees the light of your screen.

I’m feeling more pessimistic that I will have the book ready by the end of September, because it’s still taking on a life of it’s own. There is so much more to write, because I want to create the most detailed pathway to 4.5 and beyond that I possibly can. I don’t want to leave out details that could help someone, but I also don’t want to over write and lose people, or say something that is not true.

Thus ends this stream of consciousness account of the headspace for today. Thanks for your interest.


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