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My Headspace #7 New Information, Welcome?

Thank you to Dave Fish, former Harvard Men’s Tennis Head Coach and Hall of Fame for a recent book recommendation. How We Learn To Move, by Rob Gray, PHD, a professor at Arizona State University, which has one of the better Physical Education departments in the US, it has been a revelation, and while it’s affirming some teachings I have been using that are outside the conventional wisdom of teaching sports movements, it’s also challenging me even further. This is both good and bad. The good is that I am gaining much more and better context for teaching, and this freshness keeps what I am doing on the cutting edge. Staying on the very front edge of what is known about teaching and learning is part of my mission. Wired Magazine has a feature that I love a lot called “Wired, Tired, Fired”. In that feature, they show how people are are wired know what’s coming, and are early adopters. People who are tired are 6 months to 2 years behind the early adopters, and are putting things into play shortly ahead of the time that they will become obsolete. People who get fired are hopelessly behind. So, whether it’s the use of technology, learning new and better ways to facilitate people’s ability to learn, or writing a book in a little explored area, or taking it to a whole new level, I try to stay wired. But that can take a lot of energy.

The bad part of this new information is that it takes more brain power to go through a paradigm shift. Already without expending much brain power, that lump in your head uses about 20% of your calories even thought it’s only 3% of your mass. Once you go through a paradigm shift and get the resulting cognitive dissonance, then that energy consumption goes way up. In addition, the amount of energy used in helping people transition away from poor methods in learning to those that are little explored creates the same effect for them with maybe a multiplier attached. I will be blogging a bit on this book, and what I’m learning, interspersed with the strategy posts that precede the publication of Tennis Strategy 201 coming up soon.


(this week, got to #1 in Physical Education a few times on Amazon)

SpecTennis - A Tennis Like Alternative Played On Tennis or Pickleball Courts


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