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My Headspace #8 Relaxation and Concentration

I’m writing today from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, although some may call it the foothills, even though we are are 4,500 feet. It feels mountainy enough for me. And yes, this post may have some new made up words in it. It’s been great for my headspace, as I really needed a change of scenery. My wife and I are visiting her brother and sister in law, but that’s not what this blog is about. Recently I am reading two books that are challenging and refining my thinking. Limitless, by Jim Kwik, was recommended by Fernando Segal, has been a very coherent clearinghouse of important, practical brain science. It’s written in a very accessible way, and will also challenge you with it’s simple, but not necessarily easy to follow processes. As with most things I recommend picking one new thing to work on. For me, I am going to develop stronger powers of concentration. So, while I have been writing about 30 minutes a day in Tennis Strategy 201, starting tomorrow I am going to ramp that up to three bursts of 25 minutes, which 5 minute breaks, but even during break time to continue to think about the topic I am writing. I hope that the increased volume will allow me to finish the manuscript by the end of November. I'm also reading, How We Learn To Move, by Rob Gray, Ph.D, as recommended by NCAA HOF Coach, Dave Fish, and it's very much a challenge to some conventional wisdom about learning and teaching, but I am not going to get into all that now. BTW, there is NOT one true tennis stroke, in case you didn't know that.

Yesterday was a welcome rain day which wiped out four hours on court, but allowed us to get going in the late morning for a 3 hour drive to the mountains. As I get older I am finding that it’s much more difficult to sit in the car for more than 90 minutes without getting very stiff. Which brings me to another habit that I am building into my routine. I am now getting on my city style mountain bike at least once a week to clear out the build up of toxins after a week of teaching, and will also start up some walking sessions soon.

Do you have a place that you like to go to change things up? Tell me in the comments. Why is that place great for your headspace?

It’s my first time visiting my brother in laws mountain house, but I hope that they invite us to stay here sometime when they are in their other place. It’s pretty relaxing here, but I think my wife and I would be even more at peace…

Before leaving for this short little trip, I have been spending some time fixing up the man cave, making it more streamlined, using the space more efficiently. The best news from that endeavor has been the creating of a dedicated space for going live on social media using StreamYard which allows me to go live on one or two channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube simultaneously. So be sure to check those out, especially the recent talk I had with Styrling Strother about training with intentionality, and the mind/body connection of that.

Whether you are wanting to learn tennis, or teach tennis much better, it’s a great idea to invest in training, resting and feeding your brain. That’s my mission right now to provide some of that direction for you. If it seeds thought that creates your own vision, so be it. One of the key points from that talk is to make space and time for vision seeking.

Having some alone time, and dedicated time to simply think and reflect will be a large part of how you absorb the lessons of each day to become 1% better per week, which if you succeed at that, compounded you will become 67% better over a year. Some people say they try to become 1% better everyday, and if you can do it, then your improvement will be much greater. Good luck with that! Tomorrow I will be back with another strategy post, and it’s going to cover how your strategy changes when you are injured.


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