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Tennis Business #101 Attract And Retain Clients

Today is a quick brain dump trying to get to the bottom of 7 things that will help you to attract and retain clients like no one else.

First Words

The first words and the tone of voice you use on the phone with a new client are the first step in retaining them. This post will perhaps be one of the most important teachings I can express for how you can be a massively successful coach. They say that you never get another chance to make a first impression and while that has some truth to it, it’s far more important who you become as a coach to determine who you attract and retain to the game that you love.

7 Ways To Attract and Retain (In Progress)

Here are 7 ways to be that will give you closer to a 100% retention rate. Of course, you nor I will ever have a perfect record, because even when everything goes well, there are sometimes personalities that simply don’t mesh well in a player/coach relationship. When I talk about players you have retained, I mean that you are on good terms, and even if they take a break from interacting with you, if they did indeed return it would be on great terms. Players who are not attracted or retained, can be for a variety of reasons. The number one reason for not attracting a client is that you did nothing to make yourself known, you didn’t answer the phone, or return the phone call on a timely basis. That person will go onto the next coach, and the first one to engage in a conversation gets a big edge in showing up and seeming reliable. I don’t know how many times I have heard, “I’m so surprised you called me back so quickly, because I left messages with other coaches days ago and I still have not heard back from them.”

1. Be available

2. Be empathetic

3. Be Understanding

4. Be other centered

5. Be creative and flexible

6. Be honest and reliable

7. Be and owner, not a victim or let go


When someone first calls about a lesson, they are a bit apprehensive, who is this person? Am I intruding on their schedule? Are they nice? Will they listen to me? When they walk onto the playing surface for the first time to meet you, do you show them that you are paying attention? Often coaches try to appear busy or aloof, and that they have not seen the person who is coming to meet them. It’s an image that doesn’t really get you anywhere. Just like you worked in a store, it can be great to acknowledge that you see them and, “I will be right with you”. People make numerous decisions about you and I as people in just a few seconds. It doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind, but they will decide about whether you are likable, warm, professional and other important entry points into creating credibility for you. This is one reason why it’s so critical for aging coaches to stay fit. If you are more than 20 pounds overweight, you probably want to prioritize that for the sake of first and ongoing impression. That player may be thinking “I am going to trust this person to keep me fit”? We are role models. I have to admit that I have had to lose 40 pounds, because I had let myself go, I was no longer burning 3000 calories a day, but I didn’t stop eating like I was. It gets harder and harder as years and years of pounding take it’s toll from all the physicality of the job. At the beginning of my weight loss, I started walking, then running, and now I am on the bike, but mixing in some TRX. This also plays into your availability, because better fitness means better energy, health and thus more time to give and for a longer period in life. Consider how much more impact you can have if you live healthier, longer. You also want to be available mentally and emotionally. If you are always busy and don’t give people the time to talk, then you miss out on the real impact. Also, it has been said many times that “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Expressing concern for the struggles of the person gains a major investment in that persons outcomes.

I would love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions about the list, it's work in progress.


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