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Tennis Community Building #2

I have been trying to add one new habit to my daily morning routine every few months. In 2021, I started working on my sleep. In 2022, I started reading more books. In '23, the cold water immersion began. Since then, I have added Green Tea and 5 oz of Red Wine to my daily consumption. Having also started drinking distilled water for the last month, I am now planning to blog daily for 15 minutes.

The daily blog will be written largely in a stream-of-consciousness style with light editing. The idea is to bring two or three strong ideas and at least one challenge per day. Don't take ALL of the challenges, but I hope that a few times a month, you say to yourself, "I'm going to do that!" Today, I am hosting a webinar on Building Community in Tennis at 11 am PST and 2 pm EST. I am excellent at it, and one of the best left-handed compliments I have ever received is, "You would make a great cult leader." "Um, ok, thank you?" The webinar is a redirect on something that a teaching organization is doing at the same time, and I want to do something positive instead of being negative or challenging what they are doing. I want to provide alternatives. Here is the link to the webinar if you want to be in it on stage: Please let me know if you are coming.

The challenge: Think of ONE healthy new habit that you know will make you more effective, have better longevity, or make you happier. Start doing it today for 2 minutes. Then do it tomorrow for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. See you at the webinar.


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