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Tennis Community Building #3 (Video)

The above link was for the one-hour webinar on building community in tennis. We mainly discussed threats to the community and how to protect what will naturally happen if you don't allow people to ruin it. It's great to go out of your way to make introductions, welcome people in, and program events for the largest groups first, including fun ones that everyone can come to regardless of playing ability. Social hours and excursions are priceless for building a strong community. Also, "Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."

Are you building up your NAD+? I have begun taking a supplement for this and am feeling great results! Do some research! Follow Dr. Andrew Huberman on social media. He is a great researcher on health and vitality.

I hope to attach videos more often from my YouTube, and there will be more posted there more often, especially as I am gearing up for my first knee replacement. Do something nice for someone that they don't expect. Yesterday, I gave my daughter my only iPhone dongle because I don't use it. Hers has broken.


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