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Tennis Strategy #12 Intro To Tennis Strategy 201

Here is a second draft of the introduction to TS201

Who Is This Book For? There are a few types of players who are going to benefit the most from this book. Those of you who starting playing, or dramatically increased your amount of dedication to Tennis with the pandemic of 2020, welcome and welcome back. Also, some players who have felt stuck in their progress, and unsure of what to do next after taking many lessons for their strokes, but still are not winning matches they need to win to move up the ranks and ratings.

This book is for the 3.0 to 4.0 NTRP, or 3.0 to 6.0 UTR (although these are arbitrary and variable ranges). The player who wants to build on the foundational truths of Tennis Strategy 101. I strongly recommend that you read that book first, as their are some fundamentals that many players seem as though they are unaware of. For everyone, I will start you off with a quick summary of that book in chapter one, after which you may discover that you need more detail.

If you have more than one unanswered

question from that chapter, that’s a clear

sign that you need the previous book.

You may discover that you have not passed certain tests that act as prerequisites for this text. It’s important to be honest with yourself if there is a fundamental deficiency in your game, and build that up first. I liken it to plugging the holes in a leaky boat, before thinking about the propulsion of getting where you are going. If your ship is sinking, it doesn’t matter how fast you are going.

Stop The Sinking, Before Speeding Forward

If your goal is to win more at your level, you don’t to be in that ship headed to the bottom of the ocean. You want to move up to higher levels and compete well. This book is for you. If you want to languish and sandbag down to a lower level so that you are beating lower level players, then you probably aren’t even reading this anyway, so it doesn’t matter. The blue print of this book will create structures to build into your game to have it taking shape, and you will begin to ‘play like yourself’. I find it gratifying that in my many years of coaching, each of my players has had an opportunity to learn to express themselves in how they play. I never liked to be forced into a cookie cutter style of coaching and playing, and I’m not going to force you into that either. However, like lanes going to a bridge so that you can pay a toll, there are five certain lanes of strategies, playing styles, major game plans that people play effectively. If you or anyone can come up with a sixth lane, I am certainly open to listening and considering it, but since I published my first strategy book in 2015, no one has.

Foundations First

If you think about building a house, the foundation is most important, along with the substructures on which the house is to be built, and if those are not done well, then the whole house will suffer. When the walls of a house are crooked, then it’s hard to hang any decorations that will look good. In the same way if your game is not based on solid strategic foundations, then you find that more often than not you will fail to get the most out of your game. That’s what Tennis Strategy 101 is all about.

Move On Up

This book Tennis Strategy 201 builds the customized tactics that are unique to you, and based on how you want to win. You will need to be realistic and you will want to get the advice of a coach, captain or fellow players. When you start to place the frame of the house on top of the foundation and bolt that in to protect against earthquakes and strong storms, then the character of the dwelling begins to take shape. Do you want your game to withstand strong challenges? That’s what it will take as you move beyond 4.0 to 4.5 on the NTRP.


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