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Win With Your Brain: BrainSports.Coach Launches Today!

Neuroscience To The Fore

Is Neuroscience the final frontier in sports performance? It’s hard to know what comes after that, but for now it seems to be where most of the best possibilities are to gain an advantage in a holistic healthy long term performance and longevity model for the sporting life.

The New Thoughts

Today is the launch of my brand: BrainSports.Coach. I’m very excited about this new venture, although it’s not really new at all. I am going to split things into two levels; The Daily Dissonance Brain, and The Weekly Paradigm Shift. Of course, there is nothing new under the sun, but every day we encounter things that are new to us. Almost every day, I am going to put up 250 words about what’s bouncing around in my brain, and want to share an influential thought. Deepak Chopra said that we have tens of thousands of thoughts per day, and that less than 5% of them are different than the day before. It’s the different thinking that drives growth and innovation. All learning means that you now disagree with something you knew before. Cognitive dissonance can actually be painful, but it’s the workout your brain needs, especially when applied to your sporting life, but I think you will find value in your everyday life. You can see it all for free, or you can subscribe and read it all at your leisure.

Sharpening The Most Powerful Tool: Our Minds

The goal is to provide you with a sharpening tool to provide laser surgical types of services for your game, your clients, your kids, and maybe even your clients. I want this to be a massive add value in your life. Work with me, shoulder to shoulder as we discover the power of the brain.

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