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Winning Summit #2 How To Get Out Of Your Brain's Way!

I’m not going to spoil my talk, but I will give you a bit of an outline about the three winning strategies for gaining an edge with your onboard computer. Yes, your brain is still the most powerful computing device on the planet. Sure AI can do some things better and faster, but it can’t do anywhere near all the things your brain does. Mostly I want you to learn to get out of your brain’s way. When you eliminate some of the sabotage behaviors that slow you down then you are more likely to succeed. There is an equation that has been developed by the Inner Game movement by Tim Gallway, and it’s Performance = Potential - Interference. We will breakdown how to remove interference.

Unlock Potential

You already have amazing potential. Your body wants be fit, your brain wants be clear, and your mind directed to what you want to achieve. The problem is that we need to provide the proper support for these things to happen. Instead, we do self limiting thoughts, actions and self medications. This talk is going to be about the real performance enhancers, not from being extra brave. Not by additional suffering, but by taking smarter actions to eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors, and adding in those that facilitate potential. Yes, you can increase your potential through growth, working out, learning and a growth mentality. You can also subtract mightily from those gains by not allowing for enough rest and recovery, getting in your brain’s way by overthinking, and the fuels or medications that you use can be a source of greater efficiency, or greater friction.

The Latest

The talk is going to give you the very latest research in rest and recovery, brain plasticity v. conventional wisdom on habit formation, and how to fuel your brain not only for top performance, but greater longevity and without great suffering!

Get ALL The Great Speakers

You can get my talk here, but there are other world class speakers, and I definitely benefit if you take the next step to get all the perks from the Winning Summit. So, if you have been enjoying all that I do on a weekly basis to move the needle for you, providing food for thought and helping you to improve by 1% per day, this would be a great time for you to step up and help me and others in return. The winning summit is a great event, and you can help support and promote it with your investment into me and it.


Thank you so much for all the support you have already shown, as I can see that book sales have been steady, as in one book sold almost every day. That keeps the $5 a day income flowing. You may also consider taking one of my online courses.

Do ONE New Thing!

In the talk, I guarantee that you will get at least one great new action, or maybe three or five new things you can build into your life to win those close matches that you were losing, to be a better decision maker at work, more at peace with family, etc. The benefits extend beyond the tennis court, but you will definitely win more, and be more competitive with players above you. I can’t wait to hear your story of success. Everything I preach in the talk is something that I have worked into my own routines, some them are part of every lesson I teach, and have changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people. I want you to be next. Sign up right now! It’s FREE.


SpecTennis - A Much More Tennis Like Alternative to Pickleball Played On Tennis or Pickleball Courts


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I look forward to your comments, if you comment I will respond, but not looking to have a huge conversation!

Thank you for watching, it’s like a convention every day with no travel expenses or registration fees.

If you would like to book me as a Keynote, MC, or to give a presentation on:

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